Betting bonuses

Growth in the betting industry comes with very high competition for bookies. Bookmakers, therefore, are continuously looking for ways to persuade new customers. This is the reason most bookies reward different bonuses to their players.
So, What Are Betting Bonuses?

Betting bonuses are bookmakers’ marketing tools. They are used to promote the gambling business.

The bonuses are in the form of cash or offers. Bonuses are awarded when a player either signs up, places a bet, or deposit money into their accounts. Bonuses in bookmaker’s business are a version of casino camps or perks.

Though the betting industry has many types of bonuses, the principles are the same. Bookies use the offers to gain and retain customers to their business.
Common Types of Betting Bonuses

Betting bonuses come in many types. This article discusses the most common betting bonuses or just check this forbet bonuses article.

1. Matching Stake Bonus

A matching stake is the most common bonus of all bookmaker bets. A player opens an account and places their first bet. The bookie, in turn, gives the player double stake of their bet.

For instance, if a player places a bet of $100, the bookmaker matches it with a bonus of $100. In the end, the player places a stake of $200.

Matching stake bonus has a restriction of the minimum and maximum amount of money a player can bet. The amount varies from one bookie to another.

2. Free Bet Series Bonus

The free bet series bonus works the same way with matching stake bonus. However, this bonus gives a player the freedom to use his bonus as a lump sum or divide it in different bets.

For instance, a player might bet $50 and get $50 as a bonus. Instead of placing a stake of $100, the player can place a stake of $60.

Depending on the bookmaker, this bonus has its restrictions. Most of the restrictions are similar to matching stake bonus. Other restrictions include frequent expiry dates.

Bookies put an expiry date to the bonus to encourage players to keep gambling.

3. Initial Deposit Bonus

Initial deposit bonus was a common bonus, but now it’s losing its popularity. Mainly, a player receives a bonus after signing up. The bonus is activated when the player makes their initial deposit.

Initial Deposit Bonus has a restriction of the amount of money that a player can deposit to activate the bonus. Also, a player cannot withdraw this type of bonus.

4. Winning First Bet Bonus

In this bonus, a player receives their token when they win their first bet. Most bookmakers award players who place longer odds. However, there is a restriction on the minimum amount of betting on qualifying to get this bonus.

The winning first bet bonus can be withdrawn together with the winnings.

Parting Shot

Every type of bonus comes with its restrictions and wagering requirements. Bookmakers determine the requirements for every bonus they give to their customer. Sometimes understanding bonuses aspects can be challenging. Especially the aspects related to limits and rollover. However, different bookies try their best to ensure that their players understand the nature of bonuses in the market.

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